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Live Event Producution

Live Events take work. Conferences, Large-Company Meetings, Trade Shows. We provide guidance and recommendations with everything from

production, signage, planning, audio/visual, etc.


We're here to help!

Live event production involves the planning and execution of various types of events such as concerts, conferences, trade shows, and other gatherings. This process typically includes managing the technical aspects of the event, such as lighting, sound, and video production, as well as coordinating logistics such as venue selection, ticketing, and security. The goal of live event production is to create a seamless and engaging experience for attendees, which can involve designing stages, developing show scripts, and managing performers or presenters. Effective live event production requires careful planning, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt quickly to unexpected changes or challenges.

Live event planning involves the process of organizing, coordinating, and executing various types of events, such as concerts, conferences, and other gatherings. This process typically includes identifying the goals and objectives of the event, selecting a venue, creating a budget, developing a timeline, and coordinating logistics such as transportation, lodging, and catering. Event planners also work closely with vendors such as florists, photographers, and musicians to ensure that all aspects of the event are executed seamlessly. Effective live event planning requires excellent organization skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work under pressure to ensure the event runs smoothly.

It’s what we do, successfully. Every. Single. Day.


Event Preparation

  • Speaker Presentations/Agenda Visuals

  • Event Signage - Directional, Informational, & Artistic

  • Event Organization & Planning

  • Event Communication Development & Implementation

Lighting & Staging

  • Professional Lighting Equipment

  • Light programming

  • Custom Set Design


  • Live Sound Mixing

  • Microphones & Speakers

  • Image Mag(nification)

  • Large Format Video Wall

  • Video Wall for Speaker Support

  • PowerPoint Support

  • Event Documentation

On-Site Production

  • Live Recording & Webcasting

  • Event Organization

  • Presentation Material Production

  • Video Recording & Closing Module



Stage One Media provides live event services from the preparation of materials to on-site production services. We handle everything from event preparation, audio/sound, visuals, lighting, and on-site production. From large to small - our team is experienced with large trade shows, corporate meetings, intimate lecture settings, and so much more. 

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