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What is Veeva?

Veeva is a global provider of industry-specific cloud-based software solutions. Designed to address the unique operating challenges and regulatory requirements of companies in Life Sciences & Consumer Products industries.

What is Closed-Loop Marketing?

Closed Loop Marketing is designed to boost leads, increase conversions, and enhance user experience because you already know the issue a client faces. Veeva's closed-loop marketing (CLM) functionality allows commercial and medical reps to engage with HCPs and key personnel by using compelling visual content hosted in Veeva Vault.

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM) in Veeva?

Why have a DAM?

DAM is a Complete Digital Asset Management for Life Sciences. This enables global content management across channels.

Having a DAM ensures content creators have access to assets they need to create new content and ensure consistency. Assets are more than photographs, images, and videos. They can include editable graphics, logos, fonts and font sizes, colors, audio files, etc. 

What are PromoMats?

PromoMats is a regulated content management application that supports the full lifecycle of promotional content. It enables content creation, review and approval, digital asset management (DAM), claims management, and modular content.

What is the use of PromoMats?

Veeva PromoMats automates the entire content lifecycle process. This process including collaborative creation, Medical, Legal, and Regulatory (MLR) review, multichannel distribution, and electronic withdrawal of outdated materials.

It’s what we do, successfully. Every. Single. Day.



Stage One Media consistently maintains its certification in Veeva multichannel CRM content creation. With decades of experience, clients utilizing Veeva trust Stage One Media to manage their vault globally. With a proven process, our team handles everything from creation to expiration of content. 

The Stage One Media Veeva Process includes:

  • Determination of content necessary for product release - photography, nutrition labels, flat graphics, slide decks, etc. 

  • Creation of all necessary materials - various sizes, file formats, etc. 

  • Regulatory approvals as deemed necessary for all content.

  • Expiration of the previous version of content, if applicable.

  • Upload of documents into Veeva Vault.

  • Testing and cataloging of all files.

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