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Video Production

Audio. Voice-over. Talent. Make-Up. Digital. Commercial. Traditional. Corporate. Fifteen. Thirty. Sixty. Time-lapse. Testimonial. 4k. High-def. 3D.

You name it, we've produced it. Our experienced video production team will create the video you need in the right format!

Video production is the process of creating visual content from concept to distribution. It involves filming, editing, and producing videos for various purposes, such as marketing, entertainment, education, and more. Video production can be used to tell stories, showcase products or services, educate or inform, and entertain audiences.


The process of video production typically starts with a creative brief or brainstorming session, where ideas are discussed, and a plan is made. This is followed by scriptwriting and legal approval, where the storyline is developed, and legal clearance is obtained for using copyrighted content or trademarks. Once the script is approved, concept art is created, and a storyboard is developed to plan out the visual elements of the video.


Filming and creating the video involves casting actors, selecting locations, setting up lighting and sound equipment, and capturing footage. This is followed by editing and adding B-roll footage to enhance the video and make it more engaging. After the initial approval, adaptations are made to the video, and the final video is distributed or implemented as per the plan.


The success of a video production campaign depends on various factors such as the quality of the video, the message it conveys, and how well it resonates with the target audience. A well-produced video can help businesses build brand awareness, engage with their customers, and drive conversions.

It’s what we do, successfully. Every. Single. Day.

Corporate Video

Corporate video production is the process of creating a video that is designed to represent a company or organization. These videos can be used for a variety of purposes, such as marketing, brand awareness, and internal communications.

Training videos would also be a vital piece of corporate production. Training videos are an effective way to educate employees, customers, or partners about a product, service, or process. Creating a professional training video requires careful planning and execution. First, it's important to identify the learning objectives and the target audience for the video.

Creating a successful commercial video involves a lot of planning and creativity. From developing a concept to scripting, filming, and editing, each step is crucial to producing a video that effectively communicates your message and captivates your audience. It's important to consider your target audience, your brand identity, and your overall marketing goals when creating a commercial video. With the right approach and execution, a commercial video can be a powerful tool for promoting your product or service and increasing brand awareness.

Commercial Video

360-Degree Video

360 video is a type of video that is recorded with a special camera that captures a 360-degree view of the surroundings. This type of video allows viewers to look around and explore the environment as if they were physically present in the location where the video was recorded. 360 videos are becoming increasingly popular in industries such as travel, real estate, and entertainment, as they provide an immersive and interactive experience for the viewers. They can be viewed on a variety of platforms, including social media, virtual reality headsets, and dedicated 360 video players.



Stage One Media and Marketing specializes in harnessing the power of video for marketing campaigns, offering services from concept to distribution. With engaging storytelling and effective product showcasing, our video team can help enhance your next marketing campaign. With endless video production ideas, Stage One Media has exceptional exerperience in corporate videos, training and educational videos, 360 degree video and maps, as well as tradtitional commercials and digital video.

With creative excellence, our team excels at blending creatvity and strategy to craft materials that truly capture attention. We also offer customized solutions. Each project is tailored to suit your brand and objectives, ensuring your message resonates with your target audience. Lastly, we offer top-quality production. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and premium materials to ensure polished, professional results!

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